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Switchboard Upgrade Sydney 

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Switchboard Upgrade Sydney

Choose Professionals for Your Switchboard Upgrade in Sydney

If your switchboard is outdated or you have an old fuse board giving you issues, you can trust GMB Electrical Contractors for a professional switchboard upgrade in Sydney. Switchboards are required for safety issues. An outdated or faulty switchboard can be very dangerous. It can lead to fires, electrocution, and even death. That is why we advise calling a professional whenever your switchboard needs an upgrade. 

We are a privately owned company based in Western Sydney with over ten years of experience. We specialise in high-quality services for both commercial and residential clients. Our focus is on professionally delivering tailored solutions. We achieve this through our vast experience and knowledge within the electrical industry, enabling us to create and maintain strong relationships with our clients. We are committed to safety, providing all our clients with professional service that embeds our core values of trust, integrity, perseverance, and collaboration. 

Switchboard Upgrade Sydney
Switchboard Upgrade Sydney

Reasons You Need a Switchboard Upgrade in Sydney

For the safety of your home or commercial property, your switchboard must be up to code and in proper working condition. It is also easier to improve your electrical supply by upgrading your system. Our team has been in the industry for many years and possesses vast knowledge of switchboard upgrades, this is why we are the preferred professionals in Sydney. Here are the reasons you should have your switchboard upgraded:

  • Electrical defect: During a routine inspection or an investigation regarding a possible electrical notice, a power inspection authority can issue you with an electrical defect notice. 

  • Safety issues: Old and outdated fuses can be dangerous. They can lead to fires in the switchboard. 

  • Replacing a meter box: A defective or old meter box is a severe safety concern. You require a switchboard upgrade when you need the meter box replaced. 

  • Defect rectification: If you have a defect that needs to be attended to, your switchboard must be in perfect working condition. 

Switchboard Upgrade Sydney
Switchboard Upgrade Sydney

Contacting GMB Electrical Contractors for Switchboard Upgrades in Sydney

How can you tell if your switchboard in Sydney requires an upgrade? Our team will advise you on the common signs to look for. As professionals, we understand minor signs can become significant and dangerous if they are not taken seriously. We help you protect your home from electrical shock and house fires by upgrading your switchboard to the required standards. Common signs to look for include: ​​

  • Blowing fuses

  • Flickering lights

  • Overcrowding

  • There is no safety switch

  • Rewired fuses

  • Short circuits

  • Loose connections

After you call us and we review your existing installation, we will determine exactly what you need. We are highly skilled, and we offer our services at market-friendly rates. We complete all jobs to the electrical wiring professional standards.

Switchboard Upgrade Sydney

Whether you need a switchboard upgrade or have a problem that requires a professional check, our team in Sydney can assist. Call us today for more information. 

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